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At Yemi we are dedicated to the frozen food industry where we manufacture varieties of appetizers in various sizes, in turn we produce sauces and desserts. We supply the Retail & Food Services sales channels to satisfy our families, who inspire us so much.

It all started with a dream of the founder when he was only 13 years old, to build a legacy that positively impacts humanity! This is how Yemi emerged, a company with the desire to travel the world, bringing a touch of happiness and unparalleled moments to the table of each family.

Yemi was founded in San Germán, Puerto Rico, on July 29, 2015. Currently, our facilities are located in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. The origin of the name Yemi arises from the combination of the nicknames of the founder and his mother, in honor and gratitude for the efforts she made to give a better future to her family.

Our objective is based on innovation, giving real and significant value to each family of what they need and deserve, satisfying their needs and desires.

Our motto “Enjoy the Magic” represents enjoying life, sharing, laughing, the pleasure of eating, friends and family. Based on this, we have created the exquisite and unmatched Little Bombs and Empanaditas. Today we continue to strive with a lot of passion, love and dedication with the aim of achieving our dream: Globalize!

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To protect and fully maintain quality through efficient production processes. Providing innovation, quality, variety, quantity and accessibility to meet our families’ needs. Structuring, planning and executing organized, creative and effective manufacturing, sales, distribution and marketing strategies that allow for sustainable and healthy economic growth, focused on making Yemi the worldwide leader in the food industry.


Satisfy and supply the human palate.


  • Wisdom: Making the right decisions to lead correctly.

  • Determination: We achieve every goal we set for ourselves.

  • Perseverance: Steadfast in the face of all adversity, we never give up!

  • Discipline: A responsible lifestyle worthy of who we are.

  • Integrity: Faithful to be and do the right thing.

  • Responsibility: We fulfill and respond effectively to our duties.

  • Strategies: Calculating and planning to obtain 100% of the objectives.

  • Visionaries: Create and innovate, we dare to make a difference.

  • Quality: From start to finish, no question about it!

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